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Ab Toning Belts – Do they actually work?

Ab toning belts, pads and stimulators are increasingly becoming a popular way for obtaining magical six-pack abs via electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). In todays society, everybody wants a flat stomach with model-like abs, but people are not willing to put the hard work in. This is why this product is appealing to many because it offers a lazier and more convenient way of developing abs. The question is do they actually work or is the market a complete gimmick?


Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional athlete who has a training regime that would make many people weep. He is the proud endorser of SIXPAD, a company that is rapidly growing. When people see Cristiano advertising this product, many believe the product will get them abs like him, but many don’t consider the strict diet and training required to get six-pack abs.


How they work: EMS passes a small adjustable electrical current to the body which forces the muscles in the area to contract. This technology has been around for many years and was originally designed to help patients in rehabilitation programmes who were unable to move due to a serious accident, such as a stroke. Now this technology is not only used for abdominal toning but it is also used to tone other areas of the body, such as the arms and legs. Muscle contraction occurs when tension is generated within a muscle, causing the fibres to contact. EMS cleverly manipulates the muscle, causing it to contract without the need to exercise.

Why do sit ups and crunches whilst dripping sweat when you can relax on the sofa, put on a six-pack belt and watch tv?

Do they work: Scientific evidence shows that using an ab toning belt without doing any other additional ab exercises can actually increase your ab strength and endurance by over 50%. Now this is a very good result, however none of the subjects looked any different. This is because a six-pack can only be achieved through a healthy diet. You have to have a relatively low percentage of body fat to see your abdominals piece through your skin to get that shredded look.


To sum up, ab training belts only work if you use them regularly and have a clean and healthy lifestyle. Even if you don’t, these belts are proven to increase core strength even without the six-pack look but will not magically make you lose weight. Personally, I would say if you are going to invest in this product, plan a healthy diet and exercise regularly.