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The Benefits of Boxercise

Boxercise is a total-body workout that involves a combination of boxing-style training with various aerobic and anaerobic (high-intensity) exercises. This includes squats, burpees, sit ups, press ups, mountain climbers and many more. Boxing based exercises involve pad work, bag work, skipping and shadow-boxing. Basic boxing exercises include jabs, hooks and upper cuts, as well as foot movement, speed and agility. My classes are not designed to prepare you to compete in the ring, they are designed to improve your fitness, strength, body composition and mental well-being.


Boxercise is suitable for anyone regardless of fitness, shape, experience, gender or age. It is fun, safe and effective, and does not involve sparring so you will gain the physical and mental benefits of boxing training without getting beat up!


Physical Benefits:

Improves core strength

Improves cardio fitness and stamina

Improves muscular strength and endurance

Improves speed and agility

Improves body tone and body composition for a lean physique


Mental Benefits:

Reduces stress and releases aggression in a controlled manner

Releases endorphins which trigger a positive “happy” feeling

Requires focus, which improves hand-eye co-ordination

Improves self-confidence and self esteem

Great for managing anxiety and depression

What to Wear to Sessions

You don’t need to wear boxing shorts! Come in normal gym gear.

I would recommend bringing your own gloves (12oz or 14oz) for hygiene reasons, although I can supply gloves when required.

I would recommend wearing hand wraps to protect your hands, wrists and knuckles.

After your first workout, it is normal for your hands, wrists and fingers to feel achy. You will adapt quickly and after a few more sessions the soreness should decrease.



I offer one-to-one and two-person training at your home or local park.

I also do group classes (of up to 20 people) at a local park or studio in Hackney.


Please contact me on 07840949723 if you want to book a session.

Let’s go champ!