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Vibration Massage Technology – Introducing the HyperVolt

Vibration massage technology or percussion therapy is designed to help relieve muscle pain, soreness, stiffness and tension. It also improves blood circulation, recovery, warm up (pre workout) and joint range of motion. It does this in two ways:

There is a mechanical effect and a neurophysiological effect:

Mechanical Effect: the intracellular and extracellular skeletal muscle is made up of fascia, which has an elastic-like element, as well as a viscous or gel-like substance. The viscous substance decreases the friction between the layers of the muscles. Vibration therapy helps stimulate the viscous properties, which turns it from a gel-like substance into a liquid. This will make it easier for the muscle layers to move or glide.

Neurophysiological Effect: vibration therapy stimulates the Golgi Tendon Organs and overrides the Muscle Spindles. Both of these are muscle inhibitors that control length and tension in the muscle. Stimulating and overriding them allows your muscles to relax and lengthen. It can take around 30 or more seconds of vibration therapy at a single spot before this process occurs.

The mechanical and neurophysiological effects both help decrease the internal and external resistance in the muscles, therefore increasing flexibility and range of motion.

The HyperVolt percussion massage therapy device is designed for athletes and professional therapists. For athletes who participate in sport or gym-goers who exercise regularly, the HyperVolt is great for increasing recovery and relieveing muscle tension and soreness following a high-intesity workout. It is relatively easy to use so you do not need prior training. The 4 interchangeable attachment heads can be changed seamlessly and the 3 speed adjustments settings change at the press of a button. The HyperVolt also features Quiet Glide technology, which is designed by aerospace engineers. This means that even on the highest setting it is still relavtively quiet. I would highly recommend getting one if you train regularly and your body feels tight or restricted.

The HyperVolt delivers a perfect combination of power, performance, and variability. Achive maximum results in minimum time

The HyperVolt comes standard with 4 interchangeable heads. Here are the main functions of each one:

Ball – used for a greater surface area or larger muscles

Bullet – this is used to pinpoint areas and release trigger points

Fork – this is great for working around a specific muscle group(s)

Flat – used for a smaller surface muscle, great to use on more dense muscle groups

Overall rating 8/10:

Despite its relatively hefty price tag (around £425.00 with a carry case), the HyperVolt is the perfect device for active individuals who are looking to recover faster, improve tissue flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. It’s small, quiet and easy to use so you can keep it at home or take it out. I use this on my clients as well as on myself and the results are amazing. Buy one if you participate in high intesity exercise on a regular basis and if you can afford it!