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ViPR – The Ultimate Functional Training Tool

ViPR is a functional exercise tool that combines strength and fitness training to deliver a unique and enjoyable total-body workout. It introduces a new concept in fitness and conditioning by using Loaded Movement Training. This concept was designed by Michol Dalcourt, who was inspired by farmers who move with loads on a daily basis. He found that farmers were stronger than anyone else. ViPR allows us to develop “farm-strengthened bodies” without ever setting foot on a farm. ViPR exercises are incredibly effective and, in my opinion, ViPR is the best piece of functional training equipment on the market.

ViPR = Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning.

ViPR functional training blends upper and lower body exercises in a single movement, and is great for improving mobility and agility, multi-directional stability, balance, co-ordination, explosive power, core strength, full body toning and fat burn. The great thing is, these exercises can be low impact or high intensity and are suitable for everyone!


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